Bulk Import

Listserv has a bulk import feature available from the Owner dashboard. This feature allows quick input of a file of addresses to become list subscribers. To access this function:

  1. login to the Owner dashboard;
  2. click the "List Management" option on the menu bar near the top of the page;
  3. click the "Subscriber Management" option;
  4. You will see the "Subscriber Management" page, usually set on the form for "Single Subscriber";
  5. click the orange "Bulk Operations" tab just above the input form;
  6. you need to create a text file with your list of subscriber addresses. It must be plain text, not a formatted document (such as you would get by default from MS Word). You can create plain text files using the Notepad app in Windows; you can also save documents as plain text type from document editting apps. If you are using an Apple Mac, make sure to save as "MSDOS text", because the plain text option on a Mac is not compatible with the format that listserv requires. The data you need in this text file is your list of subscriber addresses, one per line. It is common to have this info in a spreadsheet; if so, select the column with the addresses and paste it into a text editor app so you can save it as a plain text file.

  7. select your input function (the default "Add" is probably what you need);
  8. click the "Choose file" button and select your text file from the file dialog;
  9. click the "Import" button to upload your file and process it.

When the process is finished, you will get a status message at the top of the page just above the input forms.