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Lana Johnson
Tue, 6 Jun 2023 15:17:54 +0000
Non-NU Email

From the June 2023 GNSI Newsletter:
by Sara Taliaferro, GNSI President

GNSI members first gathered online in 1996 to share tips and to connect through the GNSI listserv, hosted through the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and managed by Lana Johnson. Stephen DiCerbo’s regular feature in the Journal of Natural Science Illustrators, “Ripped from the Listserv”, spotlighted some of the gems and hot tips from listserv posts.

We are saying goodbye to this platform and to an era as of June 30th, as UNL phases out this listserv service. Our ways of connecting are evolving, along with our organization as

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Kirsten Carlson
Mon, 5 Jun 2023 20:45:23 +0200
Non-NU Email

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to find out if anyone else has received an email like this, with the subject line: PROJECT INQUIRY
It has several spam-yellow flags for me and I’m going to politely decline but thought I’d share it with the group first, just in case I’m way off base.
It’s has a couple new twists, if it is spam but I don’t have the interest or time in pursuing it further to find out what his follow up email would be…
Also, let me know if is you're interested in pursuing this as a potential project

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