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Huáscar Fialho Pessali <[log in to unmask]>
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AFEEMAIL Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 19:19:11 -0300
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Dear colleagues,

the message below has been spread here in Brazil but may be worth to read
It makes me think that, despite Professor Bill Dugger's hospitality, we are rarely

worried about asking what that people under bombs would like to do. I mean
basicaly what kind of institutional reform they (not us, institutionally
differents) would like to have in order to keep their "going concerns" alive.
Of course it doesn't mean we cannot help them.
All the best,

Huascar Pessali
Federal University of Parana - Brazil
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----- Mensagem original -----
>>From: Marija Marjanovic <[log in to unmask]  <mailto:[log in to unmask] >
>    Subject: my side of the story
>            Hello everyone! I am student from Architectural Faculty, University
of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. I spent great time in Porto Alegre by the end of the year

>            Some terrible things are happening to me and my people (Serbs) and I
wanted to tell you my side of the story.
>            My people is in a very bad position: on one side, there is our
governement that absolutely does not care about anything except about how to save
their own positions. We don't support this governement. Belgrade (the capital) did

not vote
>    for them. Not to mention that we are under media blocade for very, very long
time, and that our ellections were never fair.
>    In one word - this governement WAS NOT OUR CHOICE.
>            On the other side there is USA (NATO forces), which is determined to
ruin everything that stands on its way. Do you
>    really beleive that they are concerned about human rights and things like
that? The real reason for their actions are:
>    strategic positions (spreading to the eastern part of Europe, and making
"conflict areas" in the middle of Europe in order to
>    retain  stronger than European Community) as well as economy reasons
(spreading the market and selling the old weapons).
>            Did you know that they are bombing us with radioactive materials
which are secondary products of their nuclear industry?
>    Did you know, that during the war in Bosnia (country next to Yugoslavia), USA

bombarded this territory and that women  from this areas have defected babies born

>            Do you still beilive that they are fighting for human rights?
>            We are in terrible position. If they are fighting only against our
governement why are they attacking civilians?
>            Do we really need this agression? Don't they have any other way to
persuade our president to negotiate? Do we,
>    civilians, have to suffer because of wrong governement on one side and
agressive ways of USA to realize their strategic
>    and economic goals on the other?
>            We only want to live our lives normally. To work, have fun, have
families, have healthy children. We are normal people that is  very tired of
everything that is going on here in the last ten years.
>            Please, help us, by spreading our side of the story all over the
world. Tell this to your friends in Brasil and in
>    the other countries. Anything that you do can be helpfull. Help us only by
thinking. Remember, this can happen to any poor
>    nation. World should not be a jungle.
>           Thank You for Your time. Trully,
>                   Marija Marjanovic