Historical Recreation in the Kingdom of Calontir


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Steven Boyd <[log in to unmask]>
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Steven Boyd <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 2 Jan 2004 02:52:54 -0600
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Greetings unto the People and Army of Calontir from Master Andrixos
Seljukroctonis, by the Grace and Will of Their Royal Majesties Joe Angus and
Phaedra General of the Falcon Host for the upcoming Estrella campaign:

Shoulder Companions,

So often such letters begin with a literary device to the effect of 'We hear
the sounds of distant drums as they announce the war to come.'   As
accustomed as I am to such rhetorical flourish, it is truer to say, "There
is no need to prick up our ears that we might hear echoes of drums yet
struck, when each true Calon soldier of whatever stripe and number of
campaigns of service knows at the turning of the calendar to January that
the Burning Sands of Estrella, long known in song and story, shall once
again call us to band together as one and march by our various routes
together to restake our claim yet uncontested to the fame, glory and
comradery that can truly be experienced only within the welcoming arms of
the Calontir Army.

My command staff is as follows:
Executive Officer:  Nazir al Tawir al Duncan [log in to unmask]
First Company:  Clef of Duncandale [log in to unmask]
Second Company:  Duncan Fathambjorn [log in to unmask]
Third Company:  Duncan of Skeene [log in to unmask]
Captain of Skirmishers:  Tristam of Duncansfarne [log in to unmask]
Fourth Company:  Rebecca of Duncan Rivers [log in to unmask]
Archery Captain:  Dolan Madoc of Duncan Towers
Muster Officer:  Aylwin MacDuncan [log in to unmask]
Teamster:  Annaliese Grosseduncan [log in to unmask]

If you wish to serve under a particular commander in the armed units, please
contact them directly.  However, do not feel compelled to join a specific
company, as we will wish to have flexibility in order to ensure a balance
between the companies in terms of numbers, skill and experience.  In
addition, if you will be shooting archery or serving in the fourth company,
please let the respective Captains know.

Preparations continue apace, but I ask your aid in the furtherance of my
duties.  That we might have a full assessment of our strength in arms,
arrows, and support, I would ask that each of you who plans to make the
great trek to the lands of Atenveldt contact my muster officer with the
following information:
Home Group
Arrival Date
Role in the Army, including armed combat, archery and/or support
            If serving in armor, include preferred weapons system(s)
            Number of previous foreign wars
            Company assignment (if already known)

Please pass this message among your home shire or barony, that it might
reach the ears of all who might join us in our long glorious march.  I am
arranging to have this posted to the Chivalry, Huscarl and Fyrd lists, as
well as the Marshall's list, but would ask that it get forwarded to the
myriad local lists as well.

I encourage everyone to read the treaty at

Furthermore, I would ask all fighters within the kingdom to consider a trip
to Winter War Maneuvers, to be held this year in the Shire of Crescent Moon,
on January 17th. In order to hone our skills as an army we need a foe to
practice against.  For those unable to make the trip in February, this may
serve as the slightest hint of what you will miss, and to strengthen your
resolve to attend wars in the future.  It is our hope to have at least 75
fighters in the opposing forces at War Maneuvers.

Lastly, take this time to look to your weapons of war, left in the darker
corners of your armories since the time of Lilies, Pennsic and Diamonds.  A
scutum may need to be re-edged or restrapped, the honorable tear in the
Falcon Tabard patched, a spear tip repadded, and a fishbat stripped and
retaped, having been scarred in glorious battle.  Wait not till the Thursday
night before War Maneuvers, but accomplish the task now.

Finally, I will leave you with this to ponder:  Well and properly was the
Army of the Falcon, led by King Joe Angus and inspired by Queen Phaedra,
praised and exalted five years ago.  Would you risk surrendering your fair
share of the glory, fame and fun to be had in abundance this year as Their
Royal Majesties again take the field at Estrella War?
I would not myself, nor would I wish any to enhazard their their chance to
be part of the latest chapter of fame that we shall certainly write with
sword, bow or ladle.  Join Their Majesties at Estrella, and perhaps there by
our bold deeds will the Battle of Phaedra's Gate become but a prelude to the
great victory earned under the shadow of the mountains.

Andrixos Seljukroctonis,
General of the Falcon Host