Historical Recreation in the Kingdom of Calontir


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Caitlin Smith <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 7 Nov 2014 13:22:12 -0600
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Interesting.  Does relationship conflict happen for anybody other than the
Welsh?  I assume (perhaps incorrectly?) that it only applies when using two
or more identifiers of heritage.

On a related note, can Norse -dottirs use the parent's nickname, or only
first name?  (I'm now picturing Ingeborg Beinlessdottir, although that
might fall into presumption.)


On Nov 7, 2014 11:52 AM, "Dorcas Whitecap" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> One of the requirements for registering a name or device in the SCA is
> that it must be unique.  When a submitted item is too much like something
> that is already registered, that failure of uniqueness is referred to as a
> conflict.  Two of the items I registered below are referred to as "Blanket
> Permission to Conflict".
> There are a couple of kinds of conflict when talking about names.
> Identity conflict is when two people share a name, like Duncan.  A simple
> way to clear this conflict is to add some kind of descriptor, like
> “Eardstapa” or “of Skeene”, or a surname, like “Mac Torquill”.  But
> identity conflict might happen when two names aren’t exactly alike, but
> close enough to be confusing.  Imagine “Duncan Mac Torquill” and  “Duncan
> MacTorville” both fighting in the Toys for Tots tournament!  Therefore,
> SCA rules say that to be clear of identity conflict, two names must be
> substantially different in both sound and appearance.  Now, Duncan Mac
> Torquill could grant permission for somebody to register the name Duncan
> MacTorville.  There’s a process for the other person to ask for a Letter
> of Permission to Conflict.  He might not get it, but it’s worth asking.  One
> of my Blanket Permissions below simply removes the need for somebody to
> track me down and explicitly ask me if it’s okay to register a name like
> “Dorcas Lightcap” or “Fnorcas Whitecap”.  My personal feeling is that I’m
> fine with that.  YMMV.
> Another kind of name conflict is by relationship.  Relationship conflict
> is when names make two people appear to be related, by marriage or by blood.
> “Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd” is the daughter of Bran, who is the son
> of Gruffydd.  This name can be registered as long as there is nobody with
> the registered name of “Bran ap Gruffydd”, or if there is, he grants
> permission for Rhianwen to register a name that implies she is his daughter.
> My second Blanket Permission below again removes the need for somebody to
> track me down to explicitly ask me if it’s okay to register a name like
> “John DorcasWhitecapson”.  Okay, that name has other problems, but
> relationship conflict isn’t one of them, since my Blanket Permission is on
> record.
> The third item I registered below is a Heraldic Will.  If I’m not around
> to decide what to do with my name and armory, Gold Falcon gets to decide.
> I could register a Blanket Permission to conflict with my device, like I
> have done with my name, but I don’t care to.  If somebody wants to
> register a device that looks like mine, after I’m dead I don’t imagine I’ll
> need it, so some future Gold Falcon can grant that permission.  You can
> will your heraldry to anybody, not just another herald.
> Registering a Heraldic Will or a Blanket Permission to Conflict doesn’t
> cost anything.  Doing so is an act of generosity and kindness toward
> future SCAdians.  Somebody might come up with a really cool name or
> device, and you might not think that it conflicts with yours, or might not
> mind, but if they can’t find you to get your permission, they are out of
> luck.  See your local herald about registering a Heraldic Will or Blanket
> Permission to Conflict today!
> Thanks for asking.
> D^
> On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 12:45 AM, Caitlin Smith <[log in to unmask]
> > wrote:
>> Dorcas did things I haven't heard of before!
>> Tell us about them, please, Mistress Heraldry Goob.
>> -Ingeborg
>> On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 6:49 PM, Jeremy Sacksteder <
>> [log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Greetings to All,
>>>  ... snip ...
>>> * *Dorcas Whitecap. * Blanket permission to conflict by identity with
>>> name. Dorcas grants permission to conflict for any name that is at
>>> least a syllable different from her registered name.
>>> * *Dorcas Whitecap. * Blanket permission to conflict by relationship
>>> with name. Dorcas grants permission to use her registered name in part
>>> of another name, thus creating a claim of relationship. Such a permission
>>> to conflict is covered in PN3E and Appendix D of SENA.
>>> * *Dorcas Whitecap. * Heraldic will. Upon her death, Dorcas's heraldic
>>> will transfers control of her currently registered items to the office of
>>> the Gold Falcon Principal Herald of the Kingdom of Calontir.
>> .. snip ...
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