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Joan Lee <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 26 Feb 2009 12:02:12 -0500
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Food Service Choices

1.  Person registers for conference. Person selects which days, meals  
wanted at Food Service.
Person pays registrar. Just like the old days.

Names of people and meals wanted are given to me and I take them to  
Food Service. Food Service then knows how much food  to order and  
prepare.  Person shows up, eats. Food Service Lady (she's cracker jack  
good at what she does) notes who it is, which meal taken. At end of  
week Food Service tallies, sends bill to GNSI (which already has the  
money from registrant).

You earlier mentioned possible cheating. First, cheating is extremely  
rare here. Second, Food Service Lady will discreetly take care of any  
possible cheaters. I would suggest that this is not a concern.

2.  If GNSI is still worried, GNSI can make up little food tickets for  
Person when Person registers for conference. GNSI gives Person tickets  
for meals Person wants. (Money may or may not change hands here: it is  
up to GNSI.) Person then hands the tickets to Food Service Lady. She  
keeps track. Food Service will bill GNSI at end of week.  (GNSI may or  
may not have money on hand, depending on how it decided to dispense  

3.  If GNSI does not want to handle money at all for meals, Food  
Service will still need to know how many people will take what meals  
at Food Service.  Food Service makes sure it has purchased and  
prepared enough food for these requests. Person then goes into Food  
Service, takes meal and pays cash to Food Service Lady who smiles  
nicely and says "thank you."

Whatever way,  Food Service needs to know how many people for which  
By the way, there are no cafeteria style trays at Food Service. Part  
of the Greening of the Campus. Knowland Hall is nice.


On Feb 26, 2009, at 10:41 AM, Britt Griswold wrote:

> Joan,
> I have updated the Schedule with more detail from the Schedule  
> below. (Excel attached)
> You still have problems with the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule:
> You have me in two locations at the same time ( &  
> Copyright - this is one event), have the mini-workshops as one hour  
> events, put Frank in a computer room for a lecture that could  
> attract 30-40 people, and left Clarke and Neroni off the Tuesday  
> schedule altogether.  Light on Form is a mini-workshop as I  
> understand it. Please look at the Tuesday and Wednesday schedule on  
> the Excel spreadsheet. That is what Marlene wants, that is what  
> Ikumi wants, that is what we need. Please check with Marlene on the  
> mini-workshops if you are unclear, all others are lectures on Tue.  
> and Wed.
> Does your reference to: "Food Service is not a restaurant; you can't  
> just walk in and purchase meals." mean that cash is no longer an  
> option, or just that they need a good estimate of how many will show  
> up?  And if our estimate is off, will we still be charges for those  
> meals?  I had "Cash" next to the meal times when I expect there will  
> be few people at the conference (Sun. & Sat.) or a large portion of  
> those still around might be interested in doing something different  
> (Friday Night). Assuming we can give Food Services an approximate  
> number for those meals, will that work for them?  Our conversation  
> on this matter started out with a discussion of how the Food service  
> worked, and your assurance that cash was an option, and we did not  
> need to track food at all. My questions about head counts did not  
> seem to be a concern at that time.  How exact do we need to be?  The  
> answers will effect the registration form, which needs to be  
> completed very soon.