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"Elaine R.S. Hodges" <[log in to unmask]>
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SciArt-L Discussion List-for Natural Science Illustration- <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 21:05:16 -0800
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Good news - as far as I can tell, coquille board still is being made and is
being cut and packaged under their respective names by Bainbridge and Bee
Papers (Aquabee).  Bainbridge supplies fine and coarse and Bee supplies
just one grade, probably coarse, but I will know better if I receive the
sample promised me.

The rumor that coquille is not being made originates with Canson-Talens
that was the major distributor.  They have stopped distributing it and are
telling stores that coquille is no longer made, according to one store:
Rochester Art Supply, NY.  Daniel Smith told me the same thing; they no
longer carry coquille.

The Bee number is 973-942-0260, Wayne, NJ.  The number to call in Michigan
for Bainbridge customer service is 1-800-654-1579; this may be a good
number for easterners in general.  The California number is 1-800-321-2934,
but they tell me coquille is not stocked in California.  The central
Bainbridge number in Paramus, NJ is 800-526-9073, but see below for the
entire Bainbridge name.

One difficulty in tracking art supply information is the consolidation of
companies; everyone is buying everyone else.  I could not locate Bainbridge
originally because it now is called Letraset-Nielson-Bainbridge.  Guess who
bought whom.  Canson-Talens owns Morilla, Appleton Papers,and Arches, but
they all are owned by Arjo Wiggins, Inc., which in turn is owned by Arjo
Marie, a French firm.  If you want to yell at Canson-Talens, its number is

I have not yet located Crescent (my old files are at the Smithsonian),
which may mean they have been bought, I suspect, and have another name
before the word "Crescent."  Have not checked with Strathmore, but I don't
believe Strathmore ever made or supplied coquille.

Actually,there are few American paper companies that actually make paper.
I believe Strathmore and Rising are among the few.  Others like Bainbridge,
Bee, Crescent, Canson-Talens are "converters," buying paper from non-U.S.
suppliers, cutting it up, packaging it under their name, and distributing
it through "distributors" (wholesalers) who may distribute only certain
products.  Thus, if a major distributor does not carry your favorite item,
it is likely that most stores will not have it.  Some of those distributors
are Orange Art, C2F, McPhersons - names I did not know before this quest
for coquille.

Good luck on finding coquille.  Rochester Art Supply has some left:
800-836-8940, <[log in to unmask]>.   That company has a division
specializing in sign lettering and another one for fine arts where our
stuff is.  I would expect other stores have remainders, but Bee and
Bainbridge should know where their products are.

The following is a message from John Klausmeyer in response to my conveying
Karen Allaben-Confer's concern about coquille board turning pink.  She had
used Krylon Workable Fixative over pastel: [John, I hope you do not mind my
passing on your experience.]

"I've never had much problem with coquille board yellowing.   Over many
&&&years I have noticed a few pieces have become slightly discolored, but not
&&&too badly (they would still reproduce fine).   As for the paper turning
&&&pink with pastel pencils and krylon, I have had that happen with other
&&&kinds of paper when I used color media and krylon fixative---I think it is
&&&a reaction between the krylon and some of the pigments that causes the
&&&staining.   Purple and blue pigments are especially bad about staining out
&&&pink when they get sprayed--I think it's the toluene in the spray.   So I
&&&just try to stay away from Krylon if possible!"


Elaine R.S. Hodges      [log in to unmask]
85253 Ridgetop Drive
Eugene, OR  97405-9535  Phone: 541-684-0484, Fax: 541-684-9662