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"Elaine R.S. Hodges" <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 17:56:45 -0800
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At the risk of being accused of sending personal messages I will continue
with the following because you all will appreciate my ignorance.  I had
tried entering Frank's address at the top of the Web browser, in the
address area, also and it did not work.  Guess why?  I didn't know I should
hit "return" to put it into effect.  I was "pushing" all sorts of other
buttons, like "search," which put me back where I was or into search engine
choices, etc.  Today I hit "return" and - voila - there was Frank's art
work.  You can tell I don't use the WWW very much.  The obvious is not
always obvious.

Does this story qualify for the silliness category?  I, too, enjoy the
jokes, but I do get annoyed at obviously personal messages on the list.
Often, however, it is a mistake on the part of the sender, which I well
understand.  I've made the same error.

Thanks for the explanation of why search engines do not have new web
addresses right away.  Interesting and makes sense.

Incidentally, I cannot download Netscape.  Apparently Microsoft Explorer
prevents downloading Netscape for some people, according to Netscape's help
page.  [What a surprise!  Good old Bill Gates.]  The Netscape download is
supposed to be free. I contacted Netscape by e-mail but have received no
response.  Incidentally, Netscape charges quite a bit for help.  I want to
use Netscape and trash Explorer, if only because Explorer sabotages in this
manner.  This is on a Power Mac 7300/180.

Is my only solution to buy a copy of Netscape, either in the store or on
the WWW?  I bet Explorer will not let me buy Netscape over the WWW using
Explorer.  It is worth a try.


>You needn't copy the address into any search engine. Simply enter it in the
>"address" or "location" area at the top of your Web browser.
>Karen Ackoff
>Asst. Prof. of Fine Arts
>Indiana Univ. South Bend
>[log in to unmask]
>>I cannot get this page?  Why?  I copied the address onto several search
>>engines and they couldn't locate it.
>>>>     Check your new site now Frank! See if you like it. (Sorry, but that's
>>>>     all I had on record for you)
>>>>     Hey! any more changes (or spell checking) will be done at additional
>>>>     cost from now on...OK?
>>>Hey Mr Eskimo,
>>>Thanks so much for your newest web construction. I see that I really won't
>>>have to learn HTML after all. Now I just work with HTeMiL. The rest is
>>>automatic. BTW you seemed to have nailed all the correct spelling, however
>>>you did neglect to add the copyright notices <g>. Will that cost extra?
>>>I'll be sending off some updated bio info and whole pile of new images.
>>>Frank Ippolito    [log in to unmask]
>>>American Museum of Natural History
>>>"Wherever you go..., there you are."
>>>                                                -Buckaroo Banzai
>>Elaine R.S. Hodges      [log in to unmask]
>>85253 Ridgetop Drive
>>Eugene, OR  97405-9535  Phone: 541-684-0484, Fax: 541-684-9662
>>        USA

Elaine R.S. Hodges      [log in to unmask]
85253 Ridgetop Drive
Eugene, OR  97405-9535  Phone: 541-684-0484, Fax: 541-684-9662