Hi all,
I received this message but have nothing to show right now.
Maybe someone here can benefit?
Anna Collens
"My name is Liza Grigoropoulos and I am an art consultant in Chicago, IL.  I
have a corporate client who is searching for botanical paintings/drawings of
some specific subjects (weeds!).
*  Dandelion
*  Kudzu
*  Burdock
*  Mugwort
*  Crabgrass
*  Yarrow

What are your prices/ sizes/ availability and time frame for the possibility
of commissioned paintings of the above items?
Do you have any visuals that I could show my client:
In advance, thank you very much.

Liza Grigoropoulos
Grigoropoulos, Ltd.
5407 West Devon Avenue
Chicago, IL  60646-4105"-

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