Barbarrossa wrote:
> How many unnecessary body bags in a acceptable 'sub-optimal'?

All of them, sadly.  And saying this does not make me pleased,
nor happy, nor proud.  The defense of the freedom of our nation
is junk, if the side effect of defending freedom is the end of
our system of government or our freedoms.

> Your personal view point would mean a lot more if you or yours were the
> ones paying the inevitable price. Please consider giving those paying the
> price
> a break. Please consider further making the sacrifice of holding your
> dissent until after the war is won. If not for Bush or the country,
> for the payers' sake.

No, Barbarossa.  No.  I am a citizen of the US, not a subject, there
are no superior rights or freedoms that accrue to those who served,
nor to those who skate on the service of others even their own

My viewpoint has a great deal of meaning.

> So the people we sent *don't* deserve everything?
> They don't deserve the security of a united home front?

No.  Because they wouldn't be defending a free nation.