Thanks Heather. We did do a search together in the Brown Science Library and
the 33 plants on the list were ones we could not find copyright free
drawings of. I was hoping some members on the list could get some re-use and
money for their drawings but I'm sure any help you can give him will be

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> Hi, I wanted to let you know I answered your request. I am a botanical
> illustrator and thought he might like me to research copyright free
> illustrations. I have a botanical library near me. He doesn't have much
> time.
> thank you
> Heather Dawn, MA
> Botanical Illustrator
> Pen and ink line drawings
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> On Mar 8, 2005, at 2:29 PM, Halpert, Gretchen wrote:
> Hi Geoff,
> It is a publication about extractable oils, but from plants all over the
> world. This list of 33 is from a list of about 175 (I think), many from
> the
> US and South America. I wouldn't worry about how he typed out the list
> (using caps); I'm sure in the publication it will be correct. At least I
> assume so! As I wrote, I have no idea what the compensation would be,
> but if
> your friend has drawings of any of these plants, Dennis would be
> interested
> to hear from him. I heard you may be able to come to the conference this
> summer; hope so!
> Best,
> Gretchen