Dear Bruce et al.,
Andrew Mearman gave a good paper at the 2004 Post Keynesian Conference
in Kansas City that covered in some detail the reasons for Post
Keynesian's lack of focus concerning environmental issues.  Also, Ric
Holt gave a paper at the same conference on sustainable development (as
did Jerry Courvisanos).  Ric gave another paper at the AFEE conference
last year in Philadelphia that dealt with Post Keynesian economics,
generally.  Ric has been working for the past several years on
furthering Post Keynesian environmental ideas, so he would be a good
person to contact.

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Subject: Help on environmental Post Keynesian economics

Wow, ask the normally quiet (over the last two years) afeemail list for
references and it springs to life.

Here's one: does anyone have anything that could be seen as Post
Keynesian environment economics? I'm happiest if its fundamentally
insty, but anything that comes to mind would be great.

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