This was a nice invitation but unfortunately we'll be on our way back from chieftains that day.  You all have fun.  Leofwyna

eleanordeyeson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:          Just a reminder and invitation to all to come and experiment with soapmaking on SUNDAY, Feb 26th.  (I said the 25th in the Runestaff).  Gerald has rendered and purified some fat (Actually, a lot of fat), and has both commercial lye and homemade from wood ashes.  He will be experimenting to determine how concentrated the homemade lye needs to be to be equivalent to commercial, and will see if the "traditional" measurement of "floating an egg" is correct, as well as the effects of various additives. Come on down and try soap making this sunday.

  Eleanor Deyeson on behalf of

  Master Gerald Goodwine
  Cedarwood Farm
  2089 J Road
  Unadilla, NE  68454

  call if you need directions  402-269-3782

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