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Hi Joel,

Sounds intriguing, and looks like a bunch of us are interested, so
guess you'll need to re-post including the missing link!

Barbara Gleason

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I need some assistance identifying a marine organism.  My
brother-in-law captains a ship in the Gulf of Mexico and their ROV
recorded video of an unidentified marine organism.  Some believe that
they've seen a giant squid and others think its a large species of
jellyfish.  The pipe in the middle of the video is a marine riser and
is 36" in diameter.  If you check the left side of the screen you'll
see it swim upward past the riser as the ROV slowly pans down. It's
tough to estimate size though because they're not sure exactly how
close they were to the riser.  The ROV descends approximately 25'
during the clip.  Some estimate the creature to be 75-100' in length.

Any assistance, guesses, or thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Joel Lake
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Sault Ste. Marie Area High School

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