Photoshop and Illustrator are memory hogs. 

The scratch disk runs off of virtual memory and if you have the disk filled with applications, content/files and what ever else we keep on our computers - that space will disappear fast. I speak from experience.

The first thing I usually do is clear off as many files to free up as much hard disc space as possible. Move graphics, personal photos and files and anything not tied down to another hard disc. An external back-up or another internal drive that is separate or part of a partition. (Be sure to empty the trash too once you have moved and deleted files).

Another thing to do is if you have additional internal drives is to go into both Illustrator and Photoshop preferences and remap your scratch discs to anything but the start-up drive. But you'll need lots of space on those drives. Once changed restart Illustrator or Photoshop and this should work. The more available HD space you have the better you will be off. I'm talking gigs here in terms of available space.

Also - In Photoshop there is a Purge command that can be found in the EDIT menu item. Purge all if you have recently saved and this should clear the cache and hopefully make things run better.

Anyway - these are just s few ideas that have worked for me in the past and I run 4 gigs of ram and still get into trouble on occasion. Especially with the 3D stuff!

Good luck - 

Chuck Carter

On Sep 17, 2006, at 4:48 PM, Bruce Bartrug wrote:

Well, I have Illustrator now.  An old version 9.0.  So.  Can anyone tell me how to clear the scratch disc?  STOP LAUGHING!  :):)     Even Photoshop won't work !

Let me tell you what I have done. 
  • I searched for all *.tmp files and deleted same, per Adobe's support files. 
  • I went to the TEMP file under local settings and deleted everything the system would let me delete, and then copied all those files to a separate folder outside the recycle bin, just in case.
  • Searched in vain for temp files in the Adobe folder.
  • Sighed a lot.
One gig of RAM shouldn't fill up that quickly.  I notice there are two drives in both PShop and Illustrator for the scratch disc.  The first is "startup" which I left alone, and the second has the option to choose drive C:, which I did, restarted, and no help.  So I set it back to none.


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