When I teach, especially teenagers, I’m always thinking…. How can I make this relate to their life; does this relate to their life? And, how can I get them involved the most I can, physically. The old thing about getting the student to use as many senses as they can to help them understand and retain the information.  If they are subjected to a lecture where they can’t interact or move their body beyond listening and looking, you loose them more quickly


 So maybe the concept of the field of illustration becoming more 3-D and interactive.. How can we more fully connect and mix the traditional visual communication with other techniques that call on more of our senses. Including touch and interaction.

 Just a thought.



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What about researching the future of 3D illustration? I think as we are progressing in our technology, computer learning and 3D images are becoming more mainstream... and with that comes not only the ability to rotate an image to any angle but also to make layers, so we can see what lies underneath, say, the skin of a human or the outer shell of a nuclear reactor. There are many ways you could go with that, from using existing software to getting down and dirty to write your own.

You could make a hologram - no monitors needed! ...or maybe that's too far off yet.

Just an idea.

Heather Ward
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