Thanks, Britt:
They told me either CMYK or RGB, so I didn't convert it to CMYK, but will do so now.
I sometimes have trouble colorizing to a specific PMS color in PShop, it looks different than specifying it in Illustrator.
I do it both ways, but somehow was under the impression that it could be done with an RGB file as well. I'll try it in CMYK.
Many thanks,
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Britt Griswold wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">I think it is a "feature" to colorize Greyscale images. Colorizing color images is better managed in Photoshop.  If this is going to press, you may want to be working in CMYK color space.


Linda Feltner wrote:
HI All:
Why won't Adobe Illustrator CS2 apply a PMS color in the swatch book to a placed Tiff file? It applies color to other files in the same document. This new doc is RGB color, and others are Grayscale. Is this the reason?
I have the transparency set to "Multiply" on both tiff images, so the white background drops off from the black ink drawings, letting the background color show through.