Hi Wendy:
I already use the "Multiply" thingie, I love that feature!
I will try the eyedropper tool, but am curious why one would want to rasterize it, isn't it already rasterized, being a RGB or CMYK? I hardly ever use bitmap, even for line art.

Maybe my explanation was confusing?

I'll keep plugging at it, Thanks for the encouragement!

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Wendy Beth Jackelow wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">Dear Linda,

I think I might have a lead for you!

Bring your tiff file into Illustrator and then under Effects chose Rasterize.
With the image selected, I used the eyedropper tool and pick a color. It automatically colors the black lines to the color you select.
To make the background transparent, go into the little transparency window thingy (very technical terminology) and you have a
choice of the type of transparency in the pull down menu. Just choose "multiply". It should make the "white" transparent.

I hope this works! Good luck. I hate those high stress weeks--things always seem to go wrong and one can never think
clearly to fix them!

Take care,

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