I tend to agree with Britt on this completely. I'll add only that, I did a couple of these over the weekend as part of my regular job and, once I (having been coached to do so) just sat down to it, I enjoyed using my design sense to figure out how to get rid of the extraneous, and my creativity to make Adobe do the work for me. The scientist was thrilled to have her data look so crisp. Not that I would want too much of this but, sprinkled in, it can be a simple exercise in problem-solving that you get paid for.


On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 1:31 PM, Britt Griswold <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Grunt graphics is just a term for doing the mind numbing and uncreative. Cut and dried work that is needed in any project.  I would approach this as a work for hire situation and charge by the hour a rate that would be the equivalent of being hired as an employee.  I would expect they are looking for cheep help at a university press.  If they want a per piece price, give them four levels, Simple, Moderate, Complex, and very complex, but you make the call on which goes in which category.


margaretnelson wrote:
Does anyone out there recognize the term, Grunt Graphics?  I'm doing some work for an author who's being published by a university press, and their graphics specialist added a postscript to his latest email, asking whether I do "grunt graphics" and if so what my rates are.  It seems to have to do with redoing existing figures in a different format or file form than the original.  Does anyone know any more about this, or about what is an appropriate rate -- if i even want to do it...?
Thanks! Margy