I thought that everything they do is online. If so, a coffee-table book 
(with typically costly production) doesn't make much sense.  ???? joan

On Aug 29, 2008, at 1:25 PM, Bursch, Catherine M (DFG) wrote:

> This call came across my desk... Catie Bursch
> Artists For The Ocean
> The nonprofit Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. has posted an open 
> call
> for an online exhibition and perhaps coffee-table book project and is
> soliciting documentation from artists around the world.  The mission of
> this project is to demonstrate how the arts can be an effective tool in
> raising public awareness and inspiring ocean stewardship by creating a
> visceral reaction to the critical state of our ocean and its many
> endangered species.
> http://www.asci.org/artikel806.html