Speaking of PDF files. I  have Indesign CS2. on a Mac.  Can InDesign CS2 make PDF files that a client can revise the text in Reader?   I tried selecting various default and high quality versions, but the client cannot make changes in their Reader programs. They do not have access to Indesign, Illustrator, or PHotoshop, or any program that can read the program and thus change text. Apparently they DO receive pdf files from others that they can alter.

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If you open a high quality PDF in Acrobat, you can then go to ADVANCED> PDF Optimizer. Play with the settings to get what you need in terms of file size.
Save the file with a new name, e.g. oldfilename_a.pdf
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On Sat, 9 Aug 2008, Geoff Thompson wrote:

Dear All,
    I have been saving PDFs in Illustrator CS3 and Acrobat 8
Professional. The files sizes are a lot bigger than if I print a similar
file, containing the same images, as an Adobe PDF from Word. I have tried
optimising the files but I lose a lot of quality in photos and the files are
still a lot bigger than if they were made from a different program. My boss
has my old CS creative suite and her version of Acrobat Professional has a
function (I can't remember its name) that reduces file size without losing
noticeable image quality. This is not available in my version and in any
case was greyed out on a file made in Illustrator CS3.
What am I doing wrong and what options do I have to get good quality images
in a smaller file size?
    Geoff Thompson

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