Hear-hear, Emily!

Yes, if you're planning to work long hours at the computer, do take more breaks than with hand work!

My system is set up similarly to Britt's it sounds like: Wacom is small, 4x5 (I had carpal tunnel so smaller is better for me) and sits to the right of the long keyboard, all at the same level, right at elbow height. 

I do use number keys so do have a wider keyboard, though, and I push it further to the left when I'll be doing lots of Wacom tablet work. One other trick I have as a remnant from the CTS days is a set of Ergo Arms, desk clamp-on arm rests I use when I have to do extensive editing, long hours of typing, etc. I also alternate chair and Swopper stool, too, which is a bouncing, swiveling, moving stool to keep from holding too still for long periods of time. No back rest, though, so I alternate, like I said!

I also don't use a laptop for lots of visual work, though, and have a 24" monitor I use.


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Consie, My keyboard and Wacom are both on the same surface. I found that a

keyboard with a shorter width enables me to place my Wacom a little more

toward the center, but sometimes I will shift the keyboard way to the left

and put the Wacom front and center. The keyboard I use doesn't have the

extra numbers off the right:


I've never really used the numbers off the right anyhow.

But no matter how ergonomically ideal my set-up is, I have found that in

order to be able to work on the computer all day I have to take frequent

stretching breaks, and I found some free software that reminds me to do so.

It's called Time Out (for Macs): http://www.dejal.com/timeout/  I really

like it.

Best wishes!


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Can some of you who do lots of digital artwork possibly share how you set

up your workspace, and what sorts of things you have found are most helpful

for working efficiently and comfortably? If you have links to images of your

setups, that would be lovely. If you can describe, or suggest, that would be

lovely too.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some input on this. I know I

could figure some things out for myself, but if I can get a jumpstart on

what to avoid, and what might work well, that I haven't thought of or tried,

then that's all wonderful.