Thanks for this information.  You other amphibophiles might be  
interested in my book, now 10 years old, and essentially out of print  
(I am the supplier, and only have a couple of copies left, but there  
are some on the secondary market):

Jill Carpenter
Sewanee, TN

On Feb 16, 2009, at 7:37 PM, Susan Shirley wrote:

> Kathleen beat me to this message.  I was in Chicago over the weekend  
> and had the honor of seeing the exhibit.  It is a great museum.  Had  
> lots of fun exploring its treasures.  Thanks to Christie Leece for  
> curating this exhibit.  A worthwhile trip if you are able to make it  
> to Chicago. The butterfly haven was fun.
> Susan Shirley
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> Subject: [SCIART] Vera Ming Wong and other GNSI artists at Peggy  
> Notebaert Nature Museum exhibit, Chicago
> Yesterday I went to see the lovely exhibit at the Peggy Notebaert
> Nature Museum in Chicago. It was a small art exhibit within a much
> larger installation, titled 'Amazing Amphibians' . It was well worth
> the trip. : ) Vera Ming Wong had two lovely pieces in it - a
> stunning, large pen and ink stipple triptych of frogs titled "Three
> Frogs: Bullfrog, Pickerel and Blanchard's Cricket", and a beautiful
> collage of Japanese rice papers, titled "Frog Lifecycle". Both are
> owned, I believe, by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
> but are on loan for the show.
> Susan Shirley had two pieces, "Faces" and "Trio", both frog studies
> in mixed media, S. Ryan White exhibited a large watercolor painting
> titled "Pickerel", Mark Klinger had a study "Bufo fowleri and
> Amanita". I submitted two small pieces of salamanders, one collage of
> four block prints and a pen and ink of two salamander species, but
> not drawn to scale.
> They also had a great byline for the Guild of Natural Science
> Illustrators as part of the education display, describing their roles
> in documenting natural history subjects and in conservation
> strategies. : )
> Just wanted to share,
> Kathy G
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Jill Carpenter