if you see me handing off my work to stock agencies, send a card... and 
maybe a few pennies, if you can spare. it will surely signal that I have 
gotten out of the business (and am probably sinking fast.) stock 
agencies will compete with my own studio and so will offer the same 
style and quality for much less. I'll come away with even less after 
they skim off their fees. IMHO


>The reference below was related to using existing online stock image collections as a starting point for pricing the reuse of your existing images.  I have not talked much at all about getting involved with a Stock Agency for selling art reuse.
>Back in the day, as I understand it, Stock agencies would take on an artist's work as 4x5 transparencies, then work with clients to find the right image in their collection, duplicate the image, send it out, collect the fee, and give the artist 50%.
>With the online world now in full gear, there are a multitude of online stock options, and the traditional Stock house has either adapted or is dead.  But there seems to be some consolidation in the many startups from 5-8 years ago. Some of the really big ones (like Getty and Corbis) own their collections outright or only work with other intermediate suppliers that can provide quantity. 
>There may be a new wave of do it yourself sites that take on anyone who can sign up and pass the minimum quality bar. But so far the the splits I have seen look abysmal (10-30% for the artist).  And all require that you have large quality digital files prepared at your own expense. One I ran across today, http://www.stockphotopro.com/ seemed very nice, but they give you only 30%, and they have a fair amount of control over the pricing. And their definition of Rights Managed is still a little fuzzy to me.
>The other direction is to place your images in a site that charges a fee for display and then manage your own stock from the inquires that come of it.  That is what is done on http://www.science-art.com.  We have a flat fee for up to 75 images.
>I would love to hear from anyone who has seen a site that does the sales and management, is open to small collections from individual artists, and gives a better than 30% cut. Oh, and also actually makes sales.  Just because it is out there, that doesn't not means sales are for sure.
>Britt Griswold
>"As usual, Britt is a wealth of information. month or so ago, he posted
>a similar message with links to several other stock agencies. You can
>probably dig it up in the archives."
>Dear Britt,
>Could you please forward me this information as posted on the
>[log in to unmask] Info on what I can do in terms of
>receiving additional income for past assignment pieces by
>pursuing stock agencies, and any other means.


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