But the opportunity was *bleep'n golden*!  And nothin' but gratitude 
from the Obama people...


Frank Ippolito wrote:
> yes, but apparently the artist is on record as saying it was based on 
> the AP photo. around the time of the inauguration, I tripped over 
> multiple enticements on various links to buy or print-on-demand work 
> by this "very special artist" who has "captured the spirit of the 
> moment." personally I found the rendering flat and, for lack of a 
> better term, uninspiring. no surprise that it was simply a news photo 
> with odd colors added.
> -f
>> That was my thought as well, Britt.  I've drawn images of birds from my own
>> sketches and found photos that looked very similar when looking for feather
>> detail.  Animals, including human Presidents apparently, have their own
>> habitual attitudes and poses.  This would be a tough sell as an
>> infringement.  There are probably hundreds of similar photos.
>> bruce
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