Thank you, Britt. Your resourcefulness is amazing indeed!  This information has helped a friend of mine, who had a similar question.
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Britt Griswold wrote:

You can find a floor for your bid by looking at the prices charge on the managed Stock Photo web sites like Corbis, and Getty.  Some are very specific.  At Getty you can get a report like this:


73685980     License Details
Use    Retail book cover - Print and electronic
Size    Up to 1 full page
Print run    Up to 10,000
Distribution    No electronic distribution
Start date    Feb 19, 2009
End date    Feb 19, 2014
Territory    Bermuda, United Kingdom
Industry    Publishing - Retail Books
Exclusivity    No Exclusivity
    Contact us for exclusivity

Image number:     Collection:     Title:
 73685980    De Agostini Picture Library    Close-up of an Atlantic salmon laying eggs (Salmo salar)
Price:    $ 1,050.00 USD

Since the image they want is not available anywhere, this price above seems like a reasonable floor for your efforts.

Then consider the costs of doing business and what your hourly rate for creating art should be (I see rates from $50-$100/hr being realistic for a freelance business) and then how long this will actually take you.  
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That number is possibly your high end of the price range, since you are not selling the whole project off, just the use on this one publication most likely.  The 10,000 copy run is a hint that this is not a huge project.  But it certainly has potential to go into paperback or second printings, if done well.

Britt Griswold

Nick Mayer wrote:
Hi Frank,
Thanks so much for your advice-- do you know of any online resources comparable to the GAG text?

On Feb 19, 2009, at 11:04 AM, Frank Ippolito wrote:


all good things to consider. but rather than asking, you should outline what your deal is. offer an estimate on the geo they stipulated, giving numbers for both non-exclusive and exclusive, limited-market. (do find out if this is a coffee table book, popular guide, or textbook.) and state that you will supply hi res digital artwork (original art is no longer on the table these days). the numbers you arrive at can be found using a guide such as the GAG pricing and ethical guidelines. ' luck.