Joan, thanks for your herculean effort putting this all together!!! I  
really admire you for this, and how smoothly it has gone!


On Feb 2, 2009, at 5:47 AM, Joan Lee wrote:

> The newsletter and conference website are in final preparation.  
> Watch for both for information about the conference. Many people  
> have done a fine job in preparing this conference for you.
> Back in 2003 I started lobbying GNSI for a conference in  
> northernmost Maine. Over time some key people at both UMFK and GNSI  
> who worked on the idea came and went, some to other jobs while a  
> few succumbed to illnesses or other life situations that precluded  
> their continuing help. They are, although not part of the present  
> team, deserving of our thanks for their good efforts. So I thank them.
> I especially want to thank Jason Parent who had the knowledge of  
> the area and led me to many great resources and to Sally Thibault  
> who, although ill, gave me invaluable advice and information. Don  
> Eno, UMFK, deserves a big thank you because he has been right there  
> from the start, as has Karen Ackoff GNSI. And most of all I thank  
> President Richard Cost, UMFK, who was the first to say yes to this  
> conference.
>  In summary, I am very happy that UMFK and GNSI have come together  
> to create a great conference. My gratitude to every single one of  
> you. It delights me to be able to say, "See you in Fort Kent?"   Joan

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