Thanks for this information.  You other amphibophiles might be interested in my book, now 10 years old, and essentially out of print (I am the supplier, and only have a couple of copies left, but there are some on the secondary market):

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On Feb 16, 2009, at 7:37 PM, Susan Shirley wrote:

Kathleen beat me to this message.  I was in Chicago over the weekend and had the honor of seeing the exhibit.  It is a great museum.  Had lots of fun exploring its treasures.  Thanks to Christie Leece for curating this exhibit.  A worthwhile trip if you are able to make it to Chicago. The butterfly haven was fun. 


Susan Shirley


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Subject: [SCIART] Vera Ming Wong and other GNSI artists at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum exhibit, Chicago

Yesterday I went to see the lovely exhibit at the Peggy Notebaert  
Nature Museum in Chicago. It was a small art exhibit within a much  
larger installation, titled 'Amazing Amphibians' . It was well worth  
the trip. : ) Vera Ming Wong had two lovely pieces in it - a  
stunning, large pen and ink stipple triptych of frogs titled "Three  
Frogs: Bullfrog, Pickerel and Blanchard's Cricket", and a beautiful  
collage of Japanese rice papers, titled "Frog Lifecycle". Both are  
owned, I believe, by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources  
but are on loan for the show.

Susan Shirley had two pieces, "Faces" and "Trio", both frog studies  
in mixed media, S. Ryan White exhibited a large watercolor painting  
titled "Pickerel", Mark Klinger had a study "Bufo fowleri and  
Amanita". I submitted two small pieces of salamanders, one collage of  
four block prints and a pen and ink of two salamander species, but  
not drawn to scale.

They also had a great byline for the Guild of Natural Science  
Illustrators as part of the education display, describing their roles  
in documenting natural history subjects and in conservation  
strategies. : )

Just wanted to share,

Kathy G

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