I went to a talk by Clottes when he was in Atlanta last year.  He's fantastic.  Definitely go if you have the chance.


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Here’s an opportunity brought up by
Marlene Donnelly. 


Karen Johnson 


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Subject: Cave Art lecture,
 Field Museum 
April 10 


Hi Suzanne and Karen, 

Here's a nice opportunity at the
 Field Museum-- 
a Saturday April 10 lecture by a major cave art expert- should be cool.
 Would you like to post this to the chapter?  If so, should probably
be done asap;(.  If there's enough interest I can see about getting
chapter members in free (the lecture is free with museum admission, but rsvp is
necessary as space is limited). 



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Subject: [FMAA] Fwd: Sixth Leakey Lecture, on Saturday, April 10



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From: Robert Martin

I am writing to ensure that you know that Dr.
Jean Clottes (formerly Scientific Advisor for Prehistoric Parietal Art to the
French Ministry of Culture) will be giving a public lecture at The Field Museum on
Saturday April 10th. This sixth Leakey Lecture, entitled Paleolithic Cave Art, is once again
jointly sponsored by The Leakey Foundation and The Field Museum, with generous
support from the Segal Family Foundation II. The event is free of charge to
museum visitors who have paid the basic admission fee. The lecture will begin
at 1:00 pm in the Simpson Lecture Hall on the ground floor of the museum
(immediately adjacent to the West Entrance). A copy of a flyer announcing the
lecture is attached herewith.

Here is a brief
description of the content of the sixth Leakey Lecture: Dr. Clottes played a leading part in the study of two
of the most renowned prehistoric painted caves discovered to date: the
underwater Cosquer cave, discovered in 1985 in seaside cliffs near Marseille,
and the spectacular Chauvet Cave, discovered in 1991. Focussing on the
 Chauvet Cave 
in the Ardéche region of France ,
Jean Clottes will explain the
complexities of the subject, his experience and knowledge gained from viewing
cave paintings around the world.

Jean Clottes has published numerous books on cave art. The most
directly relevant to the lecture are:

1996: The Cave Beneath the Sea: Paleolithic
Images at Cosquer by Jean Clottes & Jean Courtin. Harry
 Abrams , New York .

2001: Chauvet Cave: The Discovery of the
World's Oldest Paintings by Jean-Marie Chauvet, Eliette Brunel Deschamps, Christian
Hillaire & Jean Clottes. Thames & Hudson

A new book by Jean Clottes, simply entitled Cave
Art, is due to be published by Phaidon Press at the end of this

If you would like to read a general book about cave art, I can thoroughly
recommend The Cave Painters: Probing the
Mysteries of the World's First Artists by Gregory Curtis, published
by Anchor. Together with my colleague Jim Phillips, I co-led a
 Field Museum 
tour of Palaeolithic cave sites in northern Spain 
and southern France 
last September, and I found the
Curtis book eminently readable and very useful. To complement those book
recommendations, here is a link providing a full description, with images, of
 Cave : http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/chauvet/jean-clottes.php. A similar link for 
Cosquer Cave is as follows: (http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/cosquer/cosquer2.html).

Thanks to your
support in the past,  the jointly sponsored Leakey Lectures (one in spring
and one in fall) are now  firmly established as a continuing series. We
are expecting a large audience at the upcoming lecture and have therefore
arranged to move to a much larger lecture theatre.  So please help us to
fill it by advertising this lecture as widely as possible and encouraging
people to attend.

yours truly

Bob Martin


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