Yo, what she said.
best, Julia Morgan Scott

> Date:    Tue, 27 Apr 2010 10:53:53 +1000
> From:    Maria GOMEZ <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: difficulty reading posts to the list
> Dear everyone,
> I have never posted a single message on this board but I do love to read 
> all the comments on technical stuff. They are very informative even if I 
> find no immediate use for most of them. Also every now and then I can 
> attend an exhibition posted in the list like the one about the butterflies 
> at the Queensland Museum at Southbank, Bne which my daughter and I enjoyed 
> a lot.
> My reason to post this time is to ask all of you that when you post to the 
> list please try to avoid replying to the digest version of the messages 
> (it will resend not only the message you want to reply too but also all 
> the other emails that were posted along in the digest). Also if you can 
> 'clean' a bit the message that will also help, I usually receive these 
> innumerable lines of gibberish that I think are the result of some kind of 
> incompatibility between the list and the email software some people use 
> and that makes almost impossible to find out what anyone was trying to say 
> and where a message finish and the next start.

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