I'm sharing this message from Margy Nelson regarding framing and point drivers. I have the Logan Dual Drive Point driver and have been content with it, though I agree with Margy that it takes some hand power.

From Margy:
I've used both the Logan and the Fletcher point drivers, as well as trying to set nails with pliers (really hard to do well, especially with some of the exceedingly hard tropical woods that are often used these days for framing).  I would definitely recommend the Fletcher Fleximaster point driver.  I started out with the Logan one, which is in Bruce's list, but I find that for people like you and me with small hands,  it is really hard to use, since it is dependent entirely on your own muscle... though it can use regular brads as well as specialized "points".

The Fleximaster uses its own brand of points, but these are cheap and are designed with a notch at the back (non-pointed) end which makes it quite easy to extract them with a needle-nosed pliers.  It has a spring mechanism, so it isn't dependent on your muscle power alone; I love it!

Of course you could go with those Nielsen frames, and be able to ignore point-driving entirely : )  It looks as though the "bronze" color is still available in other places than the one I sent you -- though the silver mist option is in fact very nice with watercolor and other media alike.

Hope this helps...


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