Hello everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good source for archival mat board,
preferably cut to 11x14?

For years I was ordering my boards from Light Impressions and a few months
ago I placed and order. It never showed up even though I was billed for it.
Customer service was almost impossible to reach by phone, but they told me it was on
backorder and it would be in by the early fall. I waited thinking they were 
a reliable company (I ordered from them for years), but still no board.
Then I did a little search on google and apparently the company must be going
belly up--hundreds of complaints about orders never received, etc. How disappointing.

Aside from the problem of getting my money back (my credit card period for 
disputing charges was only 118 days), I now have no idea where to get the
wonderful boards (Light Impressions own brand) I was regularly buying!

If anyone has any suggestions for a replacement brand, I would greatly appreciate it.

Take care,

Wendy Beth Jackelow, MFA, CMI
Medical & Scientific Illustration

266 Pelton Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310
Tel/fax (718) 273-0002
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