Greetings to the brewers of Calontir!  On February 23rd of 2013, the Kingdom will hold its Chieftains Tournament in its Barony of Three Rivers.  The event will commemorate the triumphant return of Emperor Basil II to Constantinople in 1022.  As part of the celebration, a brewing competition will be held during the feast.  Each entrant is requested to offer enough of their entry for a table of 10, plus samples for the High Table of 8.  The entries will be judged by those seated at the High Table, including their Royal Majesties.  Entries appropriate to the celebration are requested, including wines, spiced wines (such as conditum or konditon), date wine, pomegranate wine, meads, and beers (including millet beer).  Drinks without alcohol are also requested.  A history of each entry is preferred and can only elevate your entry in the eyes of the judges.

Any inquiries should be directed to Eowyth ža Sišend ([log in to unmask]) and Edward de Kent ([log in to unmask]).