Laurie O'Keefe
Medical/Biological Illustrations
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Hey everyone! I sent out a request a few weeks back to garner online votes for Hoyt Smith's  entry for this year's Oklahoma Duck Stamp contest, and guess what- HE WON!!!! WOOOO HOOOO. I thank you all for looking at his work and voting for him. I'm sure you all helped place him at the top. Hoyt let me know that he got to the finals this year for the Federal Duck Stamp Competition, and this provided encouragement to enter a piece this next year. It is a big deal to win the federal stamp contest, so lets hope Hoyt gets that claim to fame one day ( and lots of money and recognition too!). In the meantime, I think he should be very happy that his entry was voted the best from his peers for this state contest. I think he might do a small edition of Giclee prints for this winning piece, so hopefully one of these prints will end up at a future GNSI auction. Thanks again for all your help!


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