Dear all,


I want to make a short video about scientific illustration for a Dutch website. Because it is for the general public I naturally keep it about the history of scientific illustration. My plan is to take one of Leonardo’s da Vinci’s illustrations and transform that true the ages until now. So go from his really natural and vivid illustration towards a more standardized (in style and position) illustration all the way up to the highly detailed 3d models we have nowadays.


The video will be 101 seconds long (the website is called: wetenschap101 = science101 as the first textbook at a course at college and university) so I only have room for about 250 words. Which in between determining styles should I look for to render in between? I want to take one of his anatomy models and I think of putting Gray’s anatomy in, but I am still wondering about other illustrators. I want to morph all of them in the time line, so I need subjects that are drawn similar, for example the skeleton drawings of Da Vinci in this image:  Can you help me?


Thanks in advance!


P.S. furthermore I am working on a project that I am going to crowd fund from the end of January. I will write about that next week.


Mieke Roth

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