Hi Chris:
I am using an assortment of those brushes (pointed rounds 2,4,8), just finished a gouache project. I'm using the series 4050 . I looked at these for any long bristled flats, but they only make short stubby brights, which is not what I'm in need of.

I tried the Princetons, because they are easily available to my students. Gouache is harder on brushes, so I wanted to try these synthetics. They have some good qualities, and was happy with the work. Just ordered a 3/0 to go with the set for I had to sacrifice a w/c brush for the really small stuff. 

I don't like using the same brushes for gouache and transparent watercolor.

Happy Painting in the new year!

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It sounds crazy but -  Princeton Synthetic Sable brushes.  I use the watercolor rounds and am impressed with them.  They're an inexpensive brush which works very well, hold a lot of pigment and hold up.  heresy.
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