Greetings to all and sundry who read this message,
In many places in the Known World our fair Kingdom is known by our scutum wall in battle. Many an ally has cheered at the sight of it and many a foeman has died cursing it. 
Sadly many of those foemen have left their marks on our scutums and now they stand in need of repair and refurbishment. 
To this end the most Noble Baron and Baroness of Three Rivers have deemed it fit that The Barony of Three Rivers will sponsor a Scutum repair day At Crown tourney. All those scutums which bear our Kingdom's arms and need repair or repainting are welcome. Please bring your scutums stripped of all paint and edging so that we can repaint them. We hope to get the primer and first coat on on Saturday, and to send them home with you with a finishing kit so that you can stencil on the Kingdom Falcon and edge at home. 
Please feel free to forward to any list or to any person who owns a scutum that needs some love.
Yours in Service,
Sir Duncan Fearmac MacLeod