On 6/24/2013 2:37 AM, Steven Boyd wrote:
> With the endorsement of Natalia, the residents of the Grimfells shall
> host a Wake of Honor of Pavel Iosevich on Saturday, June 29.

Alas: while there was little-to-no chance that I could be in
Grimfells to remember Pavel no matter the date: this date is
so beyond impossible.

BUT: I shall raise a glass of gin-sake in his honor, and sing
a few songs.  I'll scatter some crumbs for the wrens: so they
don't have to eat shit tonight.  I'll ride an elevator so I can
go up-and-down.  I'll commit an outrageous act of kindness
while telling a joke that borders on outrage.  I will find
some goob, and really really listen to that goobs story.

And I'll think of all my friends far away.