O Falcon friends,


Immediately following this email will be a posting of Paul's mundane obituary.  The posting of the SCA obituary has been ongoing here and in other fora for days and will probably continue for some time to come. 


Paul had expressed a desire to be cremated and buried in a simple, family-only ceremony with military honors in the National Cemetery in Fayetteville.  This will be done in accordance with his wishes.  His ashes will be buried in a box that he and his father made together.  His headstone will read "Paul A. Pavel Byers".  When a specific location in the Cemetery is known, the plot number will be published.  There will be a temporary marker in place until the permanent headstone is prepared.  I believe that that would be roughly 6-8 weeks.


There will be a modern memorial service, designed for the comfort of Paul's many co-workers and colleagues at the University of Arkansas, and other mundane acquaintances, at 11 am Thursday, at Moore's Chapel, 206 W Center St, Fayetteville, AR.  SCA members are very welcome here, but modern attire is required.  Paul was always adamant about keeping his professional and hobby careers separated.  This memorial service will commemorate that portion of his life.  Only oblique references will be made to his SCA activity, as most of the speakers will be family members or professional colleagues.  However, the closing hymn will be familiar, coming from Psalm 115:1 (KJV).  Descant Sopranos in the second verse would be particularly appreciated.


This will conclude the services for Paul A. Byers.  The Celebration of Master Pavel will occur on Saturday as previously mentioned.