I have been working outside this week, and from experience it is hot, humid
and thirsty work.

I want every one to have a safe Cattle Raids experience.

The highs for Cattle Raids are forecast to be in the lower to mid 90's for
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

My recommendation for Cattle Raids, the set up day, the day of the event,
the take down and clean up day is to bring plenty of water and plenty of
sports drinks.  What ever you think you are going to need, bring more.

One of the ways to avoid heat related problems is to drink a lot of water
and sports drinks (for electrolyte replacement).  The main building is air
conditioned so there is some escape there.

If you get into heat related problems, I am going to be very aggressive in
treating it.  The first step is to get inside to the cooler environment.
 The second step is to cool you down, I use a cold water foot bath.  Ice
packs will also be used.   I / we will work our hardest to keep a heat
related condition from moving to heat stroke.

If neither of these work, or if you have moved on to heat stroke, then you
will need advance medical care.  Appropriate measures will be taken at that

You can always refuse care at any level, but that does not prevent me / us
from activating the next level of care, which you will also have the right
to refuse when they get there.

Heat related injuries can not be taken lightly.  They can lead to death.

Owain ap Bleddyn y Llwyd
Mentor Chirurgeon