I would like to add a special thank you to two unsung heros:  Yoichi and Dianaim!  These two individuals were the true rock stars of the childrens' activities and feast.  Really....I was just decoration.  Dianaim did all the organizing and food gathering, Yoichi did the boffer tourney and cooking.  They are an awesome team!

Humbled and grateful,

On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 1:01 PM, Doug "Zino" Rice <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I would like to thank everyone for puling off yet another successful Cattle Raids.  The numbers this year were up pretty much everywhere and more important everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves despite the heat.

I would first like to thank Will for coautocrating the event and helping me keep track of the details that are not my strong suit.  Also Mistress Thora for a feast that many said was excellent.  I would also like to thank Owain for archery, Christian for equestrian, Felix and Volkmar for fighting, Killian for steel, Vasilla for youth, Gyda for troll, Haldora for both heraldic crying and hall steward duties, Yvette for a wonderful inn, Sashatec for A and S, and Chiara for listing.  Plus their excellencies or giving Will and I this opportunity to serve and for everything they do for this Barony.  Last but not least BIG thank you for everyone else in this Barony who worked hard all day to make us look very good.  We may be small in number but we are big in heart and mind.

Doing this event has reshown me just how spectacular we can be and it amazes me the capacity of people including two ladies I met serving who were at their first event and spent the whole day helping in the kitchen and serving (they are local but I am afraid in the chaos I did not get their names).

I look forward to hearing the breakdown from everyone at the next meeting.

Again thanks to all,