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4 software suit 79.95 48 hours only

Hi to all our customers and members

It's ePublish all in one bonanza - for the next 48 hours only.

4 of the industry best ePublishing software packages for the incredibly low $79.95. A $280 saving.

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You get

1. Desktop Author - Most popular eBook software on the web
2. PDF2PageTurn - PDF to HTML5 in 5 clicks
3. ePageWiz - The multimedia power publishing solution
4. PDF to EPUB - The all in the name conversion software

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Desktop Author

DeskTop Author is ebook publishing software that allows you to quickly, easily and professionally create and/or sell page turning electronic publications such as eBooks, eCatalogs, eBrochures, ePresentations, photo albums and much more.

Desktop Author 7 also features improvements in the overall image quality, overall performance, enhanced compatibility with Windows 7 and many other tweaks.

For more information:

Try out Desktop Author:

List of features:

- DNLDRM support for selling your eBooks online
- EPUB import
- Multi-page text flow
- eBook DRM system
- Text Search
- Restrict Printing
- Sticky Notes and Hightlights
- Multimedia support for Windows Media and Flash
- Live updates
- Package EPUB to Android

PDF 2 Page Turn

PDF2PageTurn converts PDFs such as Magazines, Brochures, Catalogs, Manuals, Flyers, Annual Reports, Books and much more to page turning HTML web pages in just a few simple steps.

One small one time software licence fee and that's it, you own it forever. And you can produce as many Page Turning documents as you wish – no further fees. No external plug-in or flash is required by your users to view your page turning web page, just any ordinary web browser will work!

To read more about PDF 2 Page Turn:

To view PDF 2 Page Turn samples:

List of features:

- Insert Sticky Notes 
- Print Individual Pages or Multiple Pages
- Send PDF 2 Page Turn Documents to friends
- Zoom in functions
- Free upload and listing on and
- Optimize file size 
- Advance mode is also available for advanced users.


ePageWiz creates from scratch or convert PDFs to Magazines, Brochure, Catalogs and Books into a Flash page turning documents for viewing offline or online in web pages.

It's simple to use, allows you to make changes and add videos to your conversions.

Your documents can be viewed inside of a browser with Flash or you can deliver them as standalone versions using the EPP format. ePageWiz is not a service, its sold as software that you will own and can use anytime to produce as many documents as you like.

For more information and free trial:

ePageWiz sample e-Publications can be viewed at:

ePageWiz features:

  • Create
    • electronic Brochures and Catalogs
    • eBooks and Magazines
    • Multimedia Presentations
    • Video Apps
    • Smart TV Apps
    • Corporate Presentations
    • Annual Reports and Prospectuses
    • Products Introductions
    • Video and Photo Albums
    • and much more.
  • Enhance your epublications with Video, Animation, Audio and Flash.
  • Create ePublications and Apps for Windows, Android
  • Produce in-browser ePblications and apps for iPad and iPhone and MAC.ePublications run through Puffin, Firefox or any browser supporting flash.
  • Produce Smart TV apps on World leading Smart TV platforms - LG and Samsung
  • Make standalone ePublications and apps for Windows and Android.
  • Insert Text, Images and Vector shapes anywhere in your ePublication or app
  • Import PDF’s directly into ePagwWIz - enhance with text,video and audio or simply auto convert to a standalone or browser based ePublication.
  • Totally flexible layout tool allows you to set up your canvas to any dimensions you like.
  • Windows 8 ready software
  • Secure your ePublications and apps with ePageWiz DRM
    • Sell EPP books on Android and on Windows
  • Produce slide shows
  • Insert custom backdrop image or color
  • Auto export to your server from within ePageWiz upload wizard
  • Host your ePublications free of charge on
  • All eBooks feature an advanced page turn feature, replicating the page turn and movement from a real book.
  • Hyperlink image and text to external URLs.
  • Create stand alone or browser based e-Photo Albums quickly using the auto-image uploading function.
  • Navigate your eBook easily while you are editing with a page layout preview toolbar.
  • Use built-in alignment tools and rulers to align the objects your eBook.
  • Preview your ePublication from within ePageWiz Software before you package or upload.
  • No ongoing fees!
  • You buy it – you own it – for life – unlimited production total flexibility

PDF to ePub

Using PDF to ePub, publishers, authors, conversion and design houses can convert an unlimited number of trade paperback style PDF eBooks into the industry standard ePub format in just six simple steps.

Publishers can dramatically reduce the costs of PDF to ePub conversion, making in-house conversion a real possibility. The conversion process is quick and requires neither technical nor programming knowledge. (A typical trade title will take 2 to 5 minutes to convert).

The ePub can be imported into Desktop Author to make quick and easy eBooks in DNL format.

Please see here for more information about PDF to ePub:

List of features:

- Quick conversion (2 to 5 minutes for an average trade title).
- 100 % text accuracy for text PDFs.
- Auto paragraph joining algorithm that works automatically across multiple pages.
- Correctly splits final HTML into multiple segments, improving performance and lowering memory requirements for ePub readers and eBook device.
- Provides the PDF to ePub user the option to overwrite glyphs (character images) utilised within the PDF, with custom characters using a simple interface which requires no programming knowledge.
- Converted ePub will be automatically validated to ensure 100% compatibility with ePub check.
- Can convert from PDF to HTML allowing for web pages creation from the PDF text.
- Customise PDF area to extract from thus avoiding common problems with other conversion tools like headers and footers of pages being treated as body text.
- Provides the PDF to ePub user a pre-set option using PDF to ePub preset rules or to employ custom rules to the ePub conversion process.
- For Advanced users - PDF to ePub uses a powerful scripting language (.lua) to allow the PDF to ePub user to fully customise how text and images are extracted from the PDF files.
- Provides the end user the ability to set DPI (resolution) for images and glyph (character images).
- Export for Kindle format.

DNAML Support


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