Someone needs to update Shandrake's information. ;-)


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Please note that the Calontir Google Calendar is an unofficial calendar that someone has put together on their own.  
The official Kingdom Calendar does not go out that far into the future and is kept up by the Kingdom Reeve.

Eowyth has the right idea, there is a Lilies Committee meeting at Kris Kinder, and if you would like to see this topic discussed and have any possible solutions, please let the Committee know in advance. 

If you don't know who's on the committee, here's a handy link that will get you to the information.

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(Committee Member)

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Subject: Re: [CALONTIR] 50th Year

I have already put in my vacation request for 50th Year and plan on attending that event. As Elasait and Dierdre mentioned - 50th Year is a Society-Wide celebration and will only happen ONCE. There are many very cool activities planned (including a TON of equestrian classes - I plan on teaching some). Details can be found on their website ( and some discussion can be found on their Facebook page ( and there is a very cool Arts & Sciences Challenge for 50 Year (

ALSO - SHAMELESS ANNOUNCEMENT (even if I'm not on the Lilies Committee or Staff) - There is a Lilies Committee meeting at Kris Kinder, in the auditorium, starting at Noon. Do you think Lilies should be moved for 2016? Then I would strongly suggest going to a meeting and speaking out as to why (and maybe offer suggestions - shorter Lilies? Move the date? Open on Monday, instead of Friday? etc.)

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