I could get some metal coffee cans by meeting. How much wax do you have 
and what is its condition? Did I see something about meeting canceled or 
was that last weak?

On 1/6/2014 11:40 AM, Jessica Carpenter wrote:
> Good Morning!
> I do hope that everyone is keeping warm on this lovely Arctic day!
> The holidays and 12th Night have passed. This weekend holds 
> Coronation, and then it is time for Winter War Maneuvers!
> If you have largess to contribute for a gift for their majesties, I 
> will be at Moot this Wednesday, January 8th, and at Coronation this 
> weekend. Otherwise, every weekday (except for one's like today, fit 
> only for Yetis) I do work in town, and can set up a time to pick 
> things up, if necessary.
> Thank you all again for all of your lovely works, and service to our 
> Barony.
> In Service,
> Halldora