Greetings!  WWM is done, and it looks like it went very well.


I would like to thank the people who helped with the inn:  Etienette, Bechte, Adele, Emrys, Eleanor, Avi, Perrin, Bree, Belinda, and especially Lasariona--who was there from start to finish and helped SO much, (plus  anybody I have inadvertently omitted). 


Some helped carry stuff from car to kitchen and vice versa; some helped prepare food before the inn opened; some helped serve and take money; some helped clean up afterwards; some did a bit of everything.  It wouldn’t have gone off so well without all of you!


I had requests from some good gentles of Mag Mor for recipes for some of the dishes served at the inn.  I didn’t get all the requests written down, so if you asked for something, please send me a reminder of what you wanted.  J