Now that we have had the time to return home, recover & regroup, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful folk who not only gave of their time to be on the “Ground Floor” of the newest Department at this most recent Gulfwars, but went over-the-top in making it happen by returning again and again. 
Without YOU, Cry Heralds would never have happened!!
From the Kingdom of Calontir:
Johann Steinarsson
            Nesscia Inghean Chearnaigu (Silent Herald)
From the Kingdom of Ansteorra:
              L. Ivo Blackhawk
              L. Ines Alfon
              HE Louise Mendenhale
From the Kingdom of Trimaris:
               Gareth de Taunton
From the Kingdom of Meridies:   
               Lang de Collier
From the Kingdom of Gleannabhann:
                Vincenzo Triana
Also, a most hearty thanks to my intrepid set-up & take down crew, who also put up with me & my silliness:
               M. Nerak le Tessarande (Ansteorra)
               L. Iofa (Lark) (Meridies)
These are the folk who made Cry Heralds a success.  These are the gems in the Crowns of their Kingdoms.
M. Jalali of Salamis, Cry Herald- in-Charge, Gulfwars XXIII
( Please forgive me any omission of correct title as I did not have all of them.)