It can be quite difficult -- and/or quite tedious -- to get watercolor paper to look white on line.  I'm building a new website and it's quite frustrating to have to complete an elaborate selection to get white backgrounds.  Then, especially on scans, these sometimes still have a color cast when on the web.  Or maybe I've just been staring at white on my monitor too long.

Any suggestions to help with this frequent problem would be much appreciated.  You can see the situation here: .  Click on the watercolor gallery (it's the only one populated with work currently.)  You can see larger images by clicking on a thumbnail.  Some of these look tinted and are from scans, so I'll try photos -- if I get a sunny day before June :).  I swear the one of the blue-headed vireo should be white -- it took me 45 minutes to erase around the edges then clear the rest of the white background with selections.  Still looks colored to me. 

Sigh.  (Did I say that already?)

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Bartrug
Nobleboro, Maine, USA
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