One more time....

Yahoo is part of a consortium that is trying to adopt a new
email security procedure.  Some other companies are too.
That new security procedure rejects mail from most mailing
lists, treating it as a forgery/spam. (Wanna know why? Look
up DMARC and Yahoo.)

Yahoo turned on that feature last week: many web sites are
now treating emails from those mailing lists as SPAM,
marking the mailing list as SPAM.  This happens whenever
a person with a Yahoo mailing address posts to that list.

Yahoo thinks it can drag the Internet into their new
security procedure.  I suggest that people now pretty
much HAVE to dump Yahoo email addresses instead. Because
most mailing lists are turning Yahoo addresses into "readers

I think Yahoo gambled and messed up.


On 4/15/2014 6:32 PM, Boris Nemtsov wrote:
> All inbound email from Yahoo is being filtered out, I get an error
> message but the sender is not notified and the list gets nothing.  Yahoo
> subscribers should still be receiving messages but they  cannot send.

Manage your subscription at
Due to Yahoo's DMARC policy: lists do not accept incoming email from