Hello all! 
Now that I am done testing I need to finish up to get into the book! 

First, I need everyone with a class to send me a short paragraph describing your class and anything that I need to bring with me for you to war. (even if you have already told me, please tell me agian ;) )

Second, I have three spots still available to fill on the schedule
Tuesday 1pm
Thursday 1pm
Thursday 2pm

If you wanted to teach a class and told me so, please choose one of those times and tell me agian :) 

Third, I need someone to volunteer to head up tot time. This is a time at 9am every morning that children under the age of five and their parents get together for an hour and play. They have done music, they have done crafts, they have just let them play before. I will have some musical instruments, a castle with knights and a few other things available to use. Since my child will be shooting archery, i will not be able to do that time slot. Please please please consider doing this for your kingdom :) :) 

Last but not least, thank you ALL who have so graciously volunteered your time for the youth. I would still like to have a knight, herald and bard talk to the page school class (every day at 11am). So please consider giving us 20 minutes of your time to talk about what is that you do in the society. Thank you agian,
Yours in Service,
Izzy :)