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I am very happy to announce that the 17th Pennsic A&S Display will happen on Sunday afternoon, August 3rd.  The information, and the registration link, are up at


Please pass this information on, as I have made another change by making it in the afternoon only.


After asking previous entrants, and listening to the many opinions, I have kept the day change - it is again on Sunday, so it does not conflict with the field battles.  It is a shorter time this year (only for the afternoon), so we do not conflict with Opening Ceremonies and so that it is not so grueling a day.   Hard to believe that this has been an 8-9 hour event for most of its existence, but

this year I tried to balance out when most people said they could do it, and /or come to see it.

Mistress Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh


The Known World Arts & Sciences Display

Sunday, August 3th, from  1 pm to 6pm


Come and be part of the awesome display of craftsmanship from the Known World! 

Pennsic  43 brings  the 17th annual display of the talents & knowledge of the Known World’s Artisans and Craftspeople.     People from all over the world take a day out of their War to sit and share their knowledge, effort, and the beauty of their work and research.

This is not meant to be a competition, and it is not always finished items.  Some are works in progress, and some are just representations of what someone knows and does.   We have had people discussing how they researched and put on a feast, or something far too large to bring to Pennsic.   Often,  people are exhibiting to find people who know more than they do, and to make contacts in a given field.  


Pre-registration is strongly encouraged, as there is a limit on how many tables we have available.   I am planning for  100 people, unless you bring your own table.  Pre-reg lets me print out nice large signs for everyone, and assign  table space to the different Kingdoms.   If you have any special requirements of space, please contact me.  


Specific info:

·         Registration cuts off on July 12, 2014.   Registration at Pennsic is dependent on available table space.  Information will be available through A&S point,  in the heart of the University.

·         Set-up begins at  12:30 pm,  Display opens at 1 pm, and we end at 6 pm.  Everyone must have their objects/displays out by 6:30 pm., when I hope you will help me take down all the tables and return the Great Hall to its empty state.   Yes,  you can come later or leave earlier – we just thank you for the time you can share with others.

·         Only tables will be provided, although some are picnic table. Last year there were extra chairs and benches in the building, but we can’t guarantee that.   Please bring your own chair if you do not want to spend the day sharing a bench.

·         There is a limit of 3 ft wide space  a person (not per item), unless you bring your own table.   I have a lot of space, but not a lot of tables.

·         Space is divided by Kingdom, thus allowing the Royalty, Peers, and Populace to see the efforts of their Craftspeople more easily. 

·         You are not required to be there, and if all you can do is a part of the day, we still thank you for sharing your knowledge. However, please have someone to watch your items when you cannot be there.  We cannot watch all the items, and cannot take responsibility for them. 

·         I do take pictures of every person and display – making sure that I get the sign identifying you in the picture.  I post them on Photobucket, so people can see what they missed.  Often, people in Kingdoms write asking for permission to use them in newsletters.  People use them to document the work of a candidate for an award.   Just tell me if you do not want this to happen, or would prefer to only have your work photographed, not you.   I do understand that some people do not want all of their work / research put up on the web, and keep a list of those who do not want this to happen.


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